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Week Eleven With Evelyn

So this is the end of Week Eleven! (a little late, but still!)

This week Geoff and I finished up our Video Assignment, The Second Chance. Working with video was definitely a bit out of my comfort zone – just like how audio was. It’s something I have had zero experience in doing, so I was a bit anxious about the whole thing.

There are some things I wish I had done differently and things I wish I had done better when it comes to this project. I think if I was a better voice actor, the feeling of the film may have turned out a bit different lol. I also wish I had gotten more and better clips, but there was only so much I could do.

I was better this time when it came to splitting up editing. Geoff did his half first, and then I went through and did my own last half. I think this worked out best with both of our schedules despite the fact it was turned in a day late. That ended up being mostly my fault as I couldn’t figure out a better way of working with Movie Maker on my laptop.

Overall, I think it turned out good for having been done by two people with no video editing experience. 🙂


This week I ended up doing 3 Daily Creates instead of 2. Sometimes I do some and then see an interesting one I want to do on another day. In the end, it doesn’t hurt to do more. The three I did were the required one on Thursday (where we made a story using GIFs). My tweet was when Wonder Woman suddenly appeared to help out with the fire. I was trying to take the story into a more positive path, but I still think it was funny how the story ended up turning out. The only question is, what happened with the stage?!?!?! It flooded I guess.

The other two I did was the Apocalypse Road Trip Playlist one and the Churchill quote one. I thought the playlist fun would be kinda fun. I figured the songs would just be ones that I would jam out to even in the apocalypse, but I also wanted to try and keep a bit of an apocalypse theme. I think I was able to keep my personality in it as well in the end. I decided to also do the Churchill one because I really do like a lot of his quotes. A lot of the things he said were really inspiring, so I couldn’t help myself and did this quick little one. I found a quote by him about endings and beginnings and I thought it was rather fitting considering the theme of this class.


This week we also had to watch a second film and complete an assignment on it. I chose to watch the film Children of Men, and I did not regret it! I really liked this film. This is actually surprising considering I don’t like stories where basically everyone dies. I really liked the story line though and how it was filmed.

To show my appreciation, I had done the Supercut It assignment where I made a compilation of all the long takes in the film. Unfortunately, the last scene I added (ironically, the longest scene) got the video blocked for Copyright. I have since uploaded it onto the Slack channel, copyright-woes. I wish I could upload it onto here, but alas, I cannot!

This week we also had to suggest either 2 new Daily Creates or 2 new Media Assignments. I decided to go with suggesting some Daily Creates since I enjoy doing those a lot. Despite this, I still had a lot of trouble coming up with ideas for this. I ended up suggesting the best ones I could.

The first suggestion was to draw the most important person in your life. I combined some appreciation of those we love with doing some artwork. As an artist, I really like when I get ideas for things to draw. I felt like this would be a good opportunity to suggest more art!

The second suggestion I gave was to reply with a GIF that you think would best describe your favorite song at the moment. From there, you can participate by trying to guess what song others have chosen GIFs for! Everybody likes GIFs, and I also thought it would be a fun class participation DC. 🙂

Question of the Week:

You hear on the radio that the End has started. What do you do first?

Honestly? I’d probably cry.

But! After that I would check on family to see how they are before phone lines go dead. Family is important to me, and if I can hear their voice before everyone – including myself – dies, then that would be great!

So that wraps up Week Eleven! I hope you like the hours and hours and hours I put into it! 🙂

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