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Week 9 Reflection

This week was nice little break from all the work on the radio show I was doing the last several weeks. I had been stressing about that project, so it being over and moving on is a nice change. I liked doing the project, but it was something really new and there was a lot of managing to do. This was a more relaxing week in comparison. I was able to listen to other radio broadcasts which was really cool. It was a bit embarrassing to listen to my own, but that’s mostly because I don’t really like listening to my own voice.


I did three Daily Creates this week. I did the Checklist one which actually caused me to think about it a bit. I had to think about what Evelyn would make a checklist for in an apocalypse. I also did the Alternate Animal Name one which was fun. My favorite animal is the giant panda, so I had to think of a funny name to describe it. Looking at all the pictures it reminded me of both the painting The Scream and the bad guy in the movie Scream. Only, pandas are a bit more fluffy than those guys.

I also did the still life Daily Create. This was my favorite because it gave me something to draw this week. Usually I don’t have the time or the inspiration for my art, so this was a great excuse to break out my markers. 🙂

This past week was also really interesting for me since I got some replies and retweets on Twitter that I hadn’t been expecting. The coloring book company, Europeana, retweeted my coloring page that I did and said that it was “Stunning”. Even greater was that the author of the book I read for this class, The Book of the Unnamed Midwife, liked my alternate book cover that I had made. She even commented back to my reply and retweeted it. I also saw that she like Jillian’s book cover as well. She seemed to be very happy that this was an assignment we had for her book 🙂

Question of the Week:

What’s one thing you definitely couldn’t live without during the apocalypse? How would you go about obtaining it?

Now I technically could live without these, and my need for them will probably just get me killed, but I wouldn’t be able to live without books. During the apocalypse I feel like people could go crazy with boredom or loneliness depending on their own situations. I figure I’d be holed up somewhere, so I would definitely need books to keep me company and to keep me entertained. I would hopefully be near a town, if not in one, so there would be different places that I could get these. It would be one thing people wouldn’t stock up on from the grocery store, and there is always libraries and bookstores around. I’d probably be the one to preserve all these books for future generations once civilization starts up again.


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