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The Fifth Closing


This week had been a bit of a struggle for me, but I also feel like I learned a lot this week. I had never done anything with audio before, so I hadn’t been looking forward to doing this part. However, I ended up having fun figuring out how to do everything and mixing the audio, so I was very happy with how this week turned out.

This week we were introducing our characters for the rest of the semester! I had to think about this all week because I just couldn’t figure out what role I wanted to play in a group. I had to think about myself as well when it came to this decision. I thought, “what role would I play if I were in a post-apocalyptic group?” which was an interesting thought. I ultimately decided on how my character is. She doesn’t really have a defined role because she just adapts to where she can fit. She would avoid any big, important roles, but still remain a part of the group. She may think about herself a lot, but she’s not quite a lone wolf because she wants and needs to be with people. She just doesn’t have a problem with switching groups if it was something she thought was necessary.

I’m really interested in seeing where my character will go and how she’ll end up evolving as a person as this class continues.


The TweetAlong Assignment was a whole lot of fun! I had problems with being able to hear the audio at first, but I was able to figure out my headphones fairly quickly. I had done the “Peoria Plague” broadcast on Wednesday night. It was such an interesting story and I absolutely loved the end when Jack gave the broadcaster a glass of tap water. That sounds mean, but I thought it was such a perfect ending with that betrayal. It was just those two left, but Jack had to be a traitor!

Forreston Grade School Broadcast

This assignment was my first time working with Audacity and audio storytelling. It was such a weird experience to be honest. I try not to listen to my own voice too often because it sort of freaks me out a little. However, I did have a lot of fun working with audio in Audacity. I consider myself a fairly creative person and I like to learn new things, so this had been quite an assignment for me. Coming up with the script was fairly easy and Free Sounds helped a lot with all the background noises. Everything ended up coming together a lot better than I had anticipated. It may have come out a bit too simple, but it was a first try so I’m happy with it!


For one of my other assignments, I did the Call Me, Beep Me assignment. For this assignment I had chosen a character from Train to Busan. I chose the pregnant mother, Seong-kyeong, as my character. She made a call to her deceased husband to tell them they had made it safely and that they will be alright. As explained in my blog about this assignment, I drew from the fact that a lot of people in mourning will call their deceased love ones to feel close to them and to gain some form of closure. I really wanted this couple to find happiness and was really sad the husband died. This was also to help me find closure as well as her.

I also did the Original and Cover Mashup assignment where I used the song Don’t You Worry Child originally done by Swedish House Mafia. It seems I was in the mood for mourning with these two assignments I chose to do.

This week, I really enjoyed reading Samara Wong’s character introduction of Winifred Hart. I always appreciate when people look into the meanings of names, so I was instantly drawn to her character introduction when it started off explaining what the name Winifred meant. I always look up meanings of names when I create characters, so I really enjoyed the fact that she added that. I also love how innocent her character is. I feel like everybody wants to make a character that will survive (myself included), but I didn’t get that feeling when I read her character introduction. Her character seems to be very accepting of everyone and just wants to help everyone. Unfortunately, that sort of character tends to get killed off by the not-so-nice characters in post-apocalyptic stories. I definitely can’t wait to see where this story will take Winifred Hart!

Question of the Week:

How are you feeling? Be specific.

I’m not sure what you’re expecting from this question, but I’m feeling alright. Everyone around me has been sick in the last couple weeks, so I’m just silently waiting for it to slam into me like a truck, too. It’s finally reached my household, so it probably won’t be too long now. I have been more tired than usual and I’ve had a bit of a cough the past couple days. Other than that, I’ve been feeling like my usual self! The real question is: how are YOU feeling?


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