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The End of a Busy Third Week


There was a lot of writing that had to be done this week, and I was unfortunate enough to have a busy week outside of school. I was able to do some of the smaller stuff throughout the week, but I had to keep pushing the actual writing further and further until I got to this point of there only being a few hours until they’re due. I hate that with a burning passion, but I do what needs to be done!


I did a total of four Daily Creates this week! I did the assigned one of the flash fiction Alien Invasion. I’m actually not a huge fan of alien apocalypse stories, so there wasn’t much I could base this on. I did base mine off of many alien themed movies I have seen such as Alien and even Stranger things. These ones tend to have the theme of humans being what gives birth to the aliens. My flash fiction went like this:

“The crawling sensation in my throat intensifies, eyes wide. I lay there helplessly in the pit of fallen victims as my stomach starts to clench. My body spasms rapidly as I roll over onto my side. Staring at the pale blank face next to me, one slides from my mouth.”

I was actually really proud of this one since it sounded just disturbing enough to me. I also did the one for Backwards Day and for the compliment generator one. How I chose to do them is as below:

I also did the one for today which was the graffiti of ds106. This one actually took me a little while to edit and I had included four messages in it that I challenged others to find. They were small and a bit hard to read (since they were supposed to be from far away), so I thought it would be fun. I’m not sure if others can read it on here, but to be on the safe side, I’ll add a link.

The writings I did were also fun. I like that I have the opportunity to explore my more creative side in this class since it’s something I’m not able to do very often in other classes. They were fun, but they were also a bit difficult since I’ve been so tired lately. The alternate ending one was probably the hardest though. I ended up doing on for the short story I had liked the most instead of the one I had liked the least. I thought it may seem a bit strange that I did it that way, but I think that I would have had too much I would want to change with my less than favorite short story. It would have ended up being an alternate story instead of an alternate ending.

For my alternate ending, I decided to go with the theme of humans no longer being needed in the world and the world moving on. In the original ending, it implied that other houses were still going and just this one house burning down had little to no effect on everything else. I decided to make it that this neighborhood was like the last one standing. The fire had broken out in the house, but then it spread across to other houses since water was low and the world was dying. Once man’s creations were destroyed, the earth could finally be free again from their restraints. I imply the earth doesn’t hate man, but that it would welcome it again in the future with something like forgiveness.

For my Product Review, I decided to do a review on crayons. I wanted to do something that wasn’t an obvious apocalypse/survival item. Also, when I did the video on what was in my bag, I showed the bag of crayons I keep in there. I hadn’t mentioned it in my video since the video was getting to be too long, but I thought I could mention now with this assignment. Crayons do actually come in handy, so I hope my review was able to showcase that!

The two assignments (both 3 stars) I was able to pick were the Fortune Cookie one and the world without humans one (or the one where we wrote from the point of view of a non-human being). I decided to a dog for the latter, which I saw was actually quite a popular choice. I think it’s something people think about a lot and it can really pull on the heartstrings when you think of an abandoned dog that doesn’t understand it’s been abandoned. The fortune cookie one was fun too. I decided to try it with two fortunes instead of one and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It was meant to be as if I was a leader of a group that would welcome people and would want the best for them, but was also a bit crazy with how she wanted things done.

After reading other students posts, there were a couple that I really liked. The first one I decided to talk about was Lauren Sargent’s alternate ending to The Defenders by Philip K. Dick: The Re-Ending of the World. This one had stood out to me since this was one of the short stories I read and the one I had decided not to do an alternate ending for. I actually preferred her ending over the original ending as it concluded with humans repeating their mistakes. It was less predictable than the original, but it also sent a bigger message than the original did as well. The original said we were learning from our mistakes and we were looking towards a brighter future. It just wasn’t very believable when I was reading it. Lauren’s version was much more believable since they weren’t able to let go of their hate and fear so easily.

The second one I want to talk about is the alternate ending for There Will Come Soft Rains: Alternate Ending. For the same reason I talked about the other one, I chose this one since it was one that I had read and could understand a bit better. I liked how this classmate decided to save the house. I can understand their way of thinking since the story kinda gets you attached to the house since it’s almost the main character of the story. While it was short, it gave the house feelings and provided a happier ending to the story than was originally given with it being practically decimated.

In the event of an apocalypse, do you think you’d be the kind of person to hoard your supplies (for yourself and your loved ones) or would you share them with those around you in need? Why or why not?

Honestly? I would totally be the person to hoard all of my supplies for just myself and my loved ones. This is for various reasons. One being that in a post-apocalyptic world, supplies are hard to come by. If I want myself and my loved ones to survive, we need all of the supplies we can get. Also, if we’re hunkered down somewhere with our supplies, we are more likely to survive than if we need to keep going out to look for more. If I gave my supplies to others, my supplies would run out too quickly and we would be forced to move or fight.

So that’s the end of my weekly blog! I hope I was able to summarize my week up well enough and that you enjoyed reading a bit more of my thought process throughout. Here’s to another great week of The End!

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  1. Great writeup. The one piece of advice I have is to link to your work from this post so that people can click through and see each piece.

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