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Can You Feel the TENsion?

So we have finally reached the end of Week Ten! This week proved to be very interesting since we have started video this week. Video editing is yet another thing I have no experience with whatsoever. This week really tested my ability to learn things quickly, but I think I did alright in the end. I even had to make due with using two different video editing softwares since I used two different computers for these assignments.

This week I completed my two Daily Creates. When I do the Daily Creates, I just try to do them as soon as possible. Because of this, I completed my two very early in the week. I did the Fantasy Plants one and the Tourist Slogan Mix-Up one.



This week we also read Roger Ebert’s essay on How to Read a Movie and watch several videos on filmmaking techniques. I talked about these in my blog Reading Movies and Such. In this blog I also included my video essay for Night of the Living Dead and its use of tilt shots. I enjoyed watching the film for techniques, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the film itself.


Also this week I got to meet up with Geoff to talk about our video project. We had some bumps in the road, and we still have more bumps to come, but I am really looking forward to how our project will turn out. I think our plan that I talked about in my Planning Blog will work well for the week we have ahead of us. We also worked together to make our separate trailers for our upcoming project. While we didn’t have anything filmed yet, I still think the clips we used in our trailers fit well with how our project will turn out.


Question of the Week:

What question would you like to ask the class?

I honestly have no clue. I am having a hard time deciding whether I should make it about the apocalypse or about the class itself. I could ask how they are enjoying the class or I could ask what their favorite apocalypse themed story is (it could be a book or a movie, etc.). I could also ask how they come up with their ideas for a lot of the projects we have been doing. There are quite a few classmates who are really creative and I always find it fun to know the process behind things. I think if I were to ask them something it would be one of the questions above.

That’s it folks! I hope everyone else enjoyed this week and that they like what I have created 🙂

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