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Tuning In!

This week I was able to listen to our fully produced radio broadcast on ds106radio. I don’t think there were too many classmates tuned into it, but I at least got to see some of Professor Burtis’ reactions to it. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I think in the broadcast, some of the audio may have been a bit quiet. I’m not sure why that was though. None of the people in my group really had any experience in making things like this or writing scripts, so I think it was a bit of an adventure for all of us to produce. Considering this, I think it turned out great!

The other show I tuned into was Survivors at Sunrise. I was really impressed with this one as it took the point of view of a post-apocalyptic group. Our group focused on a couple people who were dealing with the apocalypse as it was coming upon them. Hearing this radio show focus on everything afterwards, individual stories, commercials, answering questions, and giving advice, it was really cool! It made me feel like such an amateur, but it was really entertaining to listen to. I had partly listened to another one, and it was a bit similar to this one. Ours was full of music, but there was a lot of dialogue in these ones. I think, in this case, they were better at making scripts and they were able to really make a great and entertaining story with that.

This was a great project, and I’m really happy that I was given this opportunity to try out something new 🙂

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