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The Name of Evelyn Sparrow

For one of my extra Design Assignments, I decided to do the Generate Cool Letters assignment for my character. This was a fun assignment since I was able to play around with a lot of different fonts on the website provided. It actually took me awhile to figure out which way I would want her name to be written, or which one I feel would work with her character.

I decided on the font called “blooshhooz”, which I thought was fun to say. When I saw it, I immediately thought of other things I could do with it. I ultimately decided I would love to put some plants growing out of her name. It gives it a feminine feeling, but it also gives it the feeling of growing. Her character is constantly growing, and she will become more beautiful as her character is able to develop.




  1. This is gorgeous! The font/design and the name itself go so well together, did you add the flowers yourself? If so, they’re on there perfectly!

    • Anne Armour Anne Armour

      Thank you so much! I did add the flowers on there myself, so I’m happy you like them!

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