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The End of The End of The END

This is it! This is The END!

These last two weeks have been surreal. It didn’t feel like an ending, yet here we are. It felt like it was just yesterday that I walked into The END, but now we must look into the future where The END had only just been the beginning.

This past two weeks we had to complete 7 Daily Creates. I don’t think I want to put all 7 in here, so I’ll just tell you my top 3 that I did.

My favorite one was actually one of the first ones I did. I choose the “Random Word Poem” Daily Create. I like writing the most out of our assignments, and even though I’m not good at poetry, I found this to be fun, easy, and creative.


The second one I choose is the “Meme Your Friends” one. I actually created a meme using a picture of myself (causeIdon’tactuallyhaveanyfriends) which was a lot of fun! I had to really think about what I wanted to convey and the best way to do that. I’m not sure if my meme was a success, but I chose this one because I had fun doing it. (I know my mom got a kick out of watching me make faces at my camera for a while)


The third one I will choose for my top 3 will be the one from today, the “Tell Us About Your First Memory” one. I liked this one because out of all of them, I had to think about this one the hardest. It’s really hard to try and think of you “first” memory when you can’t quite figure out the timeline of your own mind. The one I chose is the one I believe is the earliest, but it’s also one I hold very dear to me. The dog I mention ended up passing away about 4 years ago, but I still love him with all my heart.


This week’s assignment was our Final Project, or our Transmedia project. I had a lot of fun with this one since I got to look through everybody’s posts on what they thought was going on and I got to look through our “evidence”. The only issue I had was that there really wasn’t any clear cut theme to our apocalypse, so it was hard to choose what to do mine on. I ended up with a more alien/government conspiracy theory to our apocalypse.

The first thing I created for this project was the Strange Lights Sightings map. I used the website ScribbleMaps for this so that I was able to get a map of the US and color in the parts I wanted to. I also left the colors overlapping so that in each new picture you can still see where the old coloring was. I purposefully made it similar to the Infection Maps in our evidence collection so that there could be a connection between the light sightings and the spread of the infection.

The second thing I created for this project was the newspaper article on the light sightings. In this article I also mentioned a fellow classmate’s blog where she talks about having been the only one to see the lights in the sky. I had already had a plan of using the weird code we had from the Survey Notes and the Decoder Ring, so I was really happy to work that into my newspaper article. I had some difficulty coming up with what I wanted my article to talk about, but if anybody actually reads it through, they’ll notice it does in fact predict the apocalypse happening in the near future.

The third thing I created was the radio broadcast. This third part to my project was what really held up the entire production. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted my third part to be. I ultimately ended up with an audio project. I created a short radio broadcast that got interrupted at the same time the lights happened, but I leave it in a way where the radio broadcast just keeps going afterwards like it just didn’t happen. I thought that if other things were being affected, it may add more to the story and the theory behind the apocalypse being caused by aliens.


Overall, I found this project to be fun! I just hope the theory I put together, using the pre-existing evidence and the evidence I created, makes sense.

This class has probably been my most favorite class I have ever taken. It was beyond what I had been expecting (all the advisors I talked to just told me this was a website making class), and it really let me bring out my more creative side. I may not have been overly proud of all the work I produced in this class, but it was definitely the most fun I’ve had in a class in a very long time.

Thank you Professor Burtis for giving me the chance to take this class and do things I have never done before! I will remember this class forever!

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