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The Book of the Unnamed Midwife – Alternate Cover

This is my alternate cover for the book I chose for this class: The Book of the Unnamed Midwife. I had a lot of fun thinking about how I should design this, but I decided that something simple, but powerful, would be good. To do this, I went with the design concept of “contrast” with a black and white cover.

I went with this picture and design because of both the title of the book and the storyline of it. The main character is someone who most people don’t know and who has learned to become someone she is not. She literally changes the way she looks to survive the post-apocalyptic world, so I thought this would be rather fitting for the book.




  1. Samara Wong Samara Wong

    This book cover looks really professional!! It would definitely lead me to pick up the book and wonder what it is about! It’s amazing how simple, yet meaningful it is.

  2. Nice movie poster! It’s minimalistic, but also portrays something really powerful. The contrast is also aesthetically pleasing. I love it!

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