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Reading and Resource Reflection

I really enjoyed Jad Abumrad’s videos on audio storytelling. Like he said, I didn’t like audio storytelling at first. He explained that it lacked, but it was what it lacked in that made it so great. While it’s not like a movie where you can watch what is happening, audio storytelling involves the audience imagining their own imagery. I am not a huge fan of audio storytelling myself, but I can understand why it draws so many people in.

It’s almost like reading a book in a way. You’re not given the images, someone is describing them to you. Through those descriptions you are able to develop your own images. However, when comparing books to audio storytelling, audio is able to give more to the audience than books are. Books are just black and white text, but audio has voices and sounds with the words. Audio storytelling is able to put emotion into the words that may not be apparent through text.

The resources were extremely helpful when it came to doing the Audio Assignments, which is why I waited to do the reflection on these resources. After looking through them I knew I was going to need them, so I knew I would give a better reflection on them after I was able to take advantage of them. Audacity was obviously a humongous help when it came to making my broadcast and other audio assignments. I had no previous knowledge of editing audio, so the tutorial for Audacity was also a big help. I kept going back to it to see if I was doing things right.

I also was able to use SoundCloud for many things. I had to use it to link my audio to my blogs, but it also helped in finding audio as well. When I did my mashup, I used SoundCloud. I was able to find the songs I wanted and then used a SoundCloud download website that allowed me to download the audio off SoundCloud to my computer. From there I was able to put the mashup together on Audacity. It was all a bit of work, but I feel like a learned a lot in the process.

I also used Free Sound for all of my background sounds in my broadcast and my phone call assignments. This website was a huge lifesaver when it came to making these audio assignments. There was such a large variety of what I needed, it was a lot of fun to go through them all. It’s amazing that people are able to record sounds in their everyday lives, upload them on this website, and then other people can use them for things such as these assignments. It kinda blows my mind a bit actually. It’s like I found a community I hadn’t known even existed!

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  1. I’m really glad you found these resources useful. I actually spent a lot of time putting them together, and I’m never sure if people really use them!

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