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Planning for “The Second Chance”

So this week I started on Path Two of our film assignments!

Geoff had messaged me this week to see if I would like to partner with him on this assignment, and since I enjoyed working with him on our radio show, I said yes!

We were a little late in the game in planning, but we met today (yes, on Easter 🙂 ) and went over our plan for filming.

We decided to go with a documentary/interview show that follows how Jim Tomsula III and Evelyn Sparrow make it to Washington DC separately, but end up meeting each other at the same camp. They interview each other and talk about what they had gone through to get there. Jim will have taken a flight to DC before the flights stop running. Evelyn will have travelled from the overrun campus to DC on foot (most scenes shot in the woods and stuff like that).

This format was decided because Geoff will be travelling this coming week for work, so we had to do something that we could ultimately do separately. We plan on filming some scenes on our own and then combining them together to show a story over time. The interview will both be played over these scenes and be shown as the interview is taking place.

This week we will right out our parts of the interviews on a shared Google docs, and then on Tuesday we will be meeting to record this interview. After that, we will focus on our own filming before meeting up again to edit it all together once Geoff comes back from his business trip.

I will, of course, be posting a second blog to go over my trailer that I made today as well.

I’m really excited for this project and I think it will turn out great! 🙂

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