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Name of Evelyn Sparrow REVAMP

I decided that this assignment would be the one I would revisit this week. I really liked doing this assignment because it was a mixture of things and it made me think about my character more. Especially after the radio broadcast we made the past couple of weeks, I felt like I needed to revamp how her name should look.

In my previous version of this assignment, I had flowers growing out of her name to give the sense of growing. Unfortunately, the apocalypse has happened and she’s not doing too good. The last time we saw her she was about to help out a man who seemed to be one of the infected. We don’t know what happened after that, so we’re left wondering if she’s actually alive or not. Our perception of her has been “cracked” in a way.


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  1. Nice rework — it would be neat to make the “cracks” go through the letters somehow. . .

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