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My Film Reflection with GIF

La Jetée was a very interesting short film in how it was created and how the storyline was shown. The saying of “a picture holds a thousand words” can really be seen in this film. As it is made up of photographs instead of instead of actual film, it was a bit hard to watch at first. The black and white photographs gave it a rather bleak feeling, and the deep voice narrating only enhances the feeling. Terry Gilliam, the director, was really able to convey as much emotion through pictures as the movies are able to. Each picture was very purposefully taken at a moment where the emotion can be seen and felt by the viewer. The succession of the photos along with the narration and sound effects also helped convey this emotion.

Overall, I feel like I learned a lot about how photos are able to convey stories and emotions, but I also feel like this isn’t really something that I would be able to watch very often. It lacked, for me, in a lot of places where I feel more would have been better. It feels like there are holes in a story when you can’t see or hear everything that’s going on. On the other hand, there are a lot of movies that feel this way too, so it’s hard to tell.

I absolutely loved watching Train to Busan! This was definitely one of my favorite zombie films so far (even though it made me cry). It was cool in a way that it wasn’t very obvious that there was a zombie apocalypse going on at first since we were seeing things at the character’s point of view on the train. It wasn’t until it was affecting the train that we finally realized what was going on. There were talks about some crazy people and not going outside, but the whole zombie thing wasn’t ever mentioned to the characters. This left them without really knowing much about what was happening outside the train.

This film really draws on your empathy towards the daughter, Su-an, right from the very beginning. She has divorced parents and is under the care of an uninvolved dad. She’s obviously very curious, smart, and brave, which only draws the audience in more. The more the movie goes on, the more involved she gets with the zombies and the apocalypse, the more the empathy grows towards here.

The dad, Seok-woo, was not portrayed very well in the beginning. You mostly have a dislike for him at first since he obviously has not been taking good care of his daughter. However, the more the movie goes on, you can definitely see how much he cares for her and puts her first. Once the ending scene happens, where he has to forcibly remove himself from her, is his character fully redeemed.

There were other characters that made you empathize with them such as the husband and pregnant wife. They are immediately likeable characters and you can feel your heartstrings getting pulled when the husband gets killed trying to save everyone else on the train. You grow more attached to the pregnant wife as well the longer she stays in the movie and with the main character. The fact that she’s pregnant only enhances the empathy.

There was the really selfish CEO, Yon-suk, who only ever made you feel disgust towards. Throughout the entire film his selfish ways only ever put others in danger – especially the main characters. He was constantly leaving people behind, using people as shields, and even throwing people into the fray of things in order to escape. The scene where he sacrifices the train conductor really cements this fact. Even his ending scene where he bites Seok-woo only left the audience feeling disgusted by his character.

The gif I created was from the ending scene where Seok-woo had gotten bitten and he had to leave his daughter.


I currently don’t have Photoshop, so I used Giphy instead to take my trimmed video to make a gif. Still had problems with trying to upload it onto WordPress, so I did it the long way around through embedding a Twitter post.

I decided on this short scene here since it was such an emotional part of the movie. The whole time you were really rooting for Seok-woo and Su-an to survive, so the moment you see the bite on his hand, it was game over for everybody. The zombie virus spreads so fast, so you know he doesn’t have a whole lot of time left before he turns. This part, honestly, made me cry so hard.

That’s the end of my film review! I hope you liked it!

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  1. Giphy is amazing for making gifs, really. While Photoshop is nice for really detailed work, for a quick gif, I love Giphy. I had never seen Train to Busan until this class, and it’s now one of my favorite movies.

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