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My DesignBlitz?

So this DesignBlitz was actually a bit of a challenge for me. I wasn’t able to fully comprehend what each principle was. I’m not sure what could help me with understanding it better though. I did go through and do the blitz with the amount of understanding that I had. I really tried my best, but I’m not entirely sure if what I had chosen to represent the principles was correct.

The first photo in my blitz was for the principle of Color. This one was probably the easiest one to understand. I chose the picture from the magazine as the text was put into green boxes around pictures of berry plants. This was an ad for Baby Cakes’ blackberries. They had chosen the color green since it represents life and nature.

The second photo was of Hierarchy. This one I had a bit of trouble understanding for some reason, but what I had understood was that the important part of the ad or object would be bigger and bolder than any other part. I chose to use this picture of Mtn Dew bottles since the name of the product is the biggest thing on the product. The label is the most important part of the object, so the title holds the hierarchy in this case.

The third photo was for Alignment. This one I understood, but I found it tricky to find good examples of this principle. I chose my mother’s cookbook since the title of the book was put in a large square right in the middle of the book. It was an important part of the design since it also allowed for hierarchy to be shown as well.

The fourth photo was Proximity. In the example in the article “8 Basic Principles of Design”, they had the facts divided into colored blocks to organize them better. I used this example to find a good ad that showcased this. While I had trouble figuring out what would work, I stumbled upon this ad on campus and thought it fit fairly well. They divided and organized things in different colored blocks, so I thought it would work.

The fifth photo was for Contrast. I thought this one was also going to be fairly easy, but actually finding good examples of contrast that made sense to me actually turned out to be a bit difficult. After looking around for awhile, I realized I had this book on my shelf and thought it would be a good example of contrast. The basic and simple black and white cover was what actually made me pick it up to look at it. I think the stark contrast and simplicity here was what made the design work so well.

The sixth photo was for both Balance and Space since these two were the most difficult to understand. In theory, I understand what they mean, but I still found it extremely hard to find or think of good examples of these principles. I went with this ad I found on campus since I thought it may fit. Balance was meant to bring stability and form to the design of the ad. Space was focusing on the part of the ad that had not been used, the negative space. I think with this ad, both of these were used to form the design. The main focus of this ad was the picture and the title which left the text to be placed specifically in a way that didn’t bring too much attention to it. That meant there needed to be balance and space for the picture and title to really be brought out to the viewer. I don’t know if this is really what they were talking about, but I had a really hard time wrapping my brain around these ones.

This assignment really wasn’t my best work, but I hope I will be able to understand it better in the future.


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