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Meeting Evelyn Sparrow

Evelyn Sparrow was just a girl that grew up being defined by her last name, her parents’ name. They had been well known in the small town she was taken to at 15 years old. It was just a town over from where she was born, but they all knew. They all knew who her parents were. They had been liars and thieves their whole lives.

It all came crashing down on the day before her 15th birthday.

There had been cops at her house and her parents were telling her, “It will all be okay.”

She couldn’t believe them though. Not as they were being dragged out of the house for multiple bank robberies.

And murder.

She can only faintly remember what happened after they had been taken away. There was a blonde cop. Her hair had been pulled back into a tight bun and her green eyes had been hard as she sat her down on the couch. The cop was trying to ask her questions and explain what will happen now, but she couldn’t hear her anymore. Evelyn was overwhelmed with what was happening. She could only repeat what her parents told her to say to those who asked. She could only put on the mask she had learned to keep since she was four.

She had been told to say she knew nothing. That she hadn’t known what her parents had been doing all this time.

She had known everything.

Her parents taught her well.

Her foster parents hadn’t interacted with her much. Evelyn had been told they were relatives on her mother’s side, but how they were related had been lost on her. They had only taken her in out of obligation and pity, but that was fine by Evelyn. She only needed a place to stay before she could move onto a place for herself.

At 21 years old now, she was no longer defined by her last name. No one knew who she was here, but she still held fast to the masks she kept locked away in the back of her head. She knew what to say, how to look, what to do to make people like and trust her. She knew how to get what she wanted.

Her parents taught her well.

On Friday nights she was the drummer for an alt-rock cover band where she would perform on college campuses and bars. During the week days, she worked at the library on campus to pay for the tuition, textbooks, and residence. This was only temporary. She listened to all the rumors and the news across campus and the town that she lived in. She knew who sold fake licenses, who would let her stay with them (no questions asked), and the best places to hide while on the run.

She stored this information waiting for the day when she would need it.

Her parents taught her well.

The Making of Evelyn Sparrow

This is just a little background information on how I created Evelyn Sparrow. I really enjoy making characters up and figuring out what their names will be. It was interesting to have the topic of an apocalypse in this case since it would make a character I hadn’t thought of before.

Her role in a group is a bit unclear because she is the type to change her personality to fit where she can. She would avoid being a leader, or any important person in a group, at all costs though. She will try to be someone that seems to be needed, but if she were to run when things started getting dangerous, she wouldn’t be missed too much.

In this case she would use her knowledge of things to help the group out, but she would also keep a lot of it to herself. She would only ever aid the group when needed. She’s not much of a lone wolf though as she understands she needs people, or a group, to survive.

Whatever role the group needs, she will be.

(I also like the thought of her becoming attached to a group without her realizing it until it’s too late.)

I liked making her because I was looking up name meanings that would fit best in this case.  I decided to do names related to birds.

Evelyn is a Celtic name meaning “life, or giver of life”, or Evelyn is an English name meaning “wished for”. For her character, I’m going more towards the English meaning, but it would be interesting to see if she ends up being more of the Celtic meaning.

Sparrow is a bird with a very positive meaning. I found this really ironic considering she thinks of it in a negative way since it has only brought her bad things. A sparrow is seen as a sweet and gentle bird. It is a symbol of hope and renewal, or rejuvenation. It is also a symbol of companionship and intelligence. I think these will be seen as our story of The End will continue.

(And, no, she is not related to Captain Jack Sparrow)

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  1. wow lots of great details about Evelyn — she sounds like her improvisational nature would make her an interesting fit in any group. . .

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