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It’s Too Late Now

Looking up in the sky, her breathing slowed.  Above the roaring in her ears, it was the only sound she could hear. The pounding of her heart caused her chest to ache dully, but it was the only thing she could feel. Eyes glistening and sweat forming on her already dewy skin, she stretched her arms out wide.

Today was the day she would fly.

Others had flown before her, but she hadn’t quite worked up the courage until now. Looking down was not an option at the moment – it would only cause her chest to ache more. The burning eyes staring up at her felt like needles across her skin only minutes ago. The whispers were carried away on the wind, and her eyes could not see their faces if she just kept her eyes aimed high. She already knew. She knew minutes ago what they felt like to her, but she couldn’t fell anymore.

It was now or never.

As her feet slowly slid closer to the edge, the roaring in her ears became thundering and the pounding in her chest made her ribcage feel brittle. It was all she could do to not curl into herself with the knowledge that she could feel. The ragged, heavy breathing slowing into a cold, empty feeling. It was a foreign feeling that she wouldn’t justify with getting used to.

No. This had to end.

If her wings could spread and she could fly, then maybe he would take her back. He had to if it meant she was the woman she once was only minutes ago. The light that had surrounded her had gone cold, and the ground was rough and relentless. Her feet couldn’t lift much higher, and the ground could only cling to the soles of her torn up feet as she slid closer to the edge. Arms still spread wide and eyes to the sky.

“Please. Please take me back. I know now. I shouldn’t have loved anyone more than I loved you.”

She didn’t know if he could hear her from the distance. She didn’t know if he could hear her over the pounding of her own heart, or the hum of those below her. Her arms reached higher towards the sky  The stretch burning her muscles caused her eyes to sting and tears to form in her eyes. It wasn’t enough.

She had to fly.

Her trembling toes finally reached the edge. She was weak from the fall, but she wouldn’t let her legs give out on her now. Knees bending awkwardly, with arms still outstretched, she lunged for the sky. For a second she could feel the sun on her fingertips, the wind rushing through her long dark hair. For a second… she could feel him.

But she had already fallen from his grace.

So she would fall again… for the third time.

The silence stretched on, not even the hum of those under her could be heard as she fell with her hands to the sky.

~”You fell for a human, so you shall fall to be one.”~

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  1. I love this piece Anne. I want to know more!

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