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First Week with WUMW

This week we had got in contact with the other members of our groups, so we were able to get things started!

We had gotten each others cell phone numbers to start up a group chat with each other and we also got emails in order to start a Google docs to put all of our ideas, information, and scripts together.

On Wednesday night, Geoff, Crystal, and I met at the HCC to go over the plan for our radio show. We uploaded everything up onto the Google docs and Geoff sent off an email with a recap in order to include Casey who had work that night. That night we had decided the title of our show, the basic plot line, what causes the apocalypse (we ended up at zombies), and who is doing what. We decided that this week we will all be working on our scripts separately so that we can meet up and just record straight away the following week. This week we will also be choosing some music to put in for our “breaks” or “buffers”.

We are planning on meeting twice the last week we have to work on this. We will take the first meeting and use it to record all of our scripts and upload them into a file. From there we will take the second meeting to edit everything together and do some final touch-ups on our broadcast. For now, we check in with each other and help each other out if we’re stuck on anything with our scripts.

The Logo

I made a logo for our radio show this week. I wanted to make it something simple and clean, so I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I wanted it to not be an obvious apocalypse logo since this is supposed to be a radio show that was already existing before the apocalypse occurs. I was thinking about how the cause of our apocalypse is zombies, so I wanted to incorporate a hand with the logo. From there I decided on a “mic drop” because it has to do with music, but mostly because it represents an end to something. I thought it was rather fitting in the end 🙂

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