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Evelyn Sparrow is Here!

My design for my character, Evelyn Sparrow, came from the fact that she is a college student at the moment. She dresses to fit in, but she also adds a bit of her own flare. She likes the plain and simple look of a t-shirt and jeans, but she’s also practical with a wool-lined jacket to keep her warm. She’s usually pretty active, but prefers boots over sneakers.

I put her in an abandoned school for the setting because that’s probably where she would hang out in general, but also where she would go first to hide if she needed to. She knows all the best places to hide and where to go if she needs resources while on the run.


  1. I really like her outfit! Also she must be very brave… because I would never be in that building alone!

  2. I think this is my favorite “Hero Machine” product yet! Your character and your setting match together really well.

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