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Design Reflection

The TED Talk videos were actually pretty interesting to watch. I don’t normally watch things like this, but these were pretty fun to watch. I especially liked David Carson’s talk because he made his funny to watch. Paula Scher was funny as well, but David Carson was funnier. I thought it was interesting when they were explaining their own designs that they both wanted to be different from other designers. And they are. They are even more different from each other.

With Scher I found hers to be different, but also not. Scher’s work was an odd in between that actually worked well. She talked about her job and how to still be “playful” in it. I think her work is able to showcase that.

Carson’s was the most different simply because he was a bit of a mess. The messiness of it was what made it so great though. It completely broke away from the “straight and narrow” of design and from the concepts introduced in Canva. It wasn’t just trying to be playful while doing work, it was just outright eccentric.

The seven Canva tutorials I did were:

  1. Beginner’s Challenge
  2. Essential Canva Tools
  3. Creative Background Tools
  4. Canva Shortcuts Part 1
  5. Canva Shortcuts Part 2
  6. The Art of Alignment
  7. Harnessing Hierarchy

I found these tutorials to be really helpful both with design itself and with using Canva in the future. The tutorials were definitely geared more towards Canva itself though.

In the end, I didn’t use Canva for my assignments this week. However, I liked the way that the Scher and Carson saw design in their videos. I kept some of their own designs in my thoughts while also thinking about my own designs. I am more of a trial and error type of person, so I don’t normally take these kind of things into account. However, since I am not used to doing design, I knew I would need to keep these things in mind.

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