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Creating Daily Creates

So this week we had to suggest either 2 Daily Creates or 2 Media Assignments. I went with 2 Daily Creates!

It actually took me quite a while to come up with 2 that I thought were even remotely good, so I’m not sure if they’ll even get “published” on Twitter.

The first one I created was “Draw the most important person in your life”. We have had several where we praise others or tag someone we love, so I thought I may put a fun little spin on this. As an artist, I like doing the Daily Creates where I can draw something. The idea for the Daily Create I suggested came from this.

The second one I created was “What the GIF is that song?!”. For this one, I really wanted to use GIFs for something and this was the first good idea that popped up in my head. It asks you to think of what your favorite song at the moment is and then find a GIF that you think describes it best. From there it invites you to guess what songs other people’s GIFs are. I thought it may be fun to really think about a song to find a good GIF, and it can be interactive as people can guess on other people’s posts!

These were the two Daily Creates I suggested! I hope the gophers like them 🙂

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