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Could it be????

Could it be a government conspiracy? Are they working with aliens?!

There is so much evidence that points to the recent illnesses that have been popping up all over Fredericksburg and the rest of the US having been caused by our own government!

At first, when the strange lights were first seen, I thought it could be aliens! Taylor posted her picture of the lights outside her home on the evening of April 16th. Then, Eric saw more lights at his uncle’s home the next night. It seemed like the lights were appearing more frequently. I mapped out these strange light sightings over the course of three nights.

It was incredible! Suddenly, over only two days, these lights were being seen almost all over the country!!! I found out through a newspaper article printed on the 17th that all sightings happened around 11pm, but they would only last less than a minute!

I started to grow more and more suspicious of alien activity when I found out about what happened to the local radio stations around that time of night. On the first night, April 16th, at exactly 11pm, the radio stations just suddenly cut off and went to static for a good while. I couldn’t wrap my head around what could have caused this strange anomaly other than aliens.


However, after reading that newspaper article, I began to realize it wasn’t aliens at all! The only other thing with the power to create all this mayhem is the government itself!

If you look at the newspaper below, you’ll realize there is a strange message encoded in it when it comes to questioning the government:

You see it?


I knew I had seen something like this before! It was from the strange Survey Notes that had been found and decoded by the decoder ring that had also been found earlier in the semester. I immediately knew something was up and I had to look further into it.

Decoder Ring








I figured out the key to the code and translated the message from the newspaper article:



Woah! Talk about intense!

The fact that it was under speculating the government, I switched gears and started looking more into how the government has affected our country. I realized, belatedly, that the pattern of the light sightings was almost the exact same as the pattern of the “Infection Maps” that had been found.

Take a look!

I did some more digging on the supposed “illness” that has been going around. According to the evidence, the illness that has been affecting student behavior includes the following symptoms: being unmotivated, lethargic, lack of appetite, a flu-like illness, and a need to eat non-food materials such as metal. This can be seen in the flyer found talking about the findings from an Illinois Radio Show. It has also been seen in the questionnaire that had been found.

The symptoms that have been found and the ones the government have been trying to record are very similar which can only mean they knew what was going to happen.

However, I realized that maybe I wasn’t too far off with the alien theory. Instead of it being one or the other, what if it is actually both?!

It’s still unclear as to what is happening, but the answer is near!

I can feel it!

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