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Children of Men Long Takes Compilation

So I decided to watch the film Children of Men as my second film.

I enjoyed this movie way more than Night of the Living Dead. Children of Men was very beautifully done. The message of faith and hope was really shown throughout the film. The only thing that bothered me about it was that pretty much everybody dies. I’m not a huge fan of movies, or stories, like this. However, the story was just brilliant, and I was especially a fan of the use of long takes. I know how much work gets put into long takes such as these, so all I could do was appreciate it immensely as I watched the film.

Throughout watching it, I kept thinking about what I would do my Supercut It Assignment on. I had several ideas that I could do (this includes things specifically involving characters such as smoking, alcohol, cursing, etc.), but I ultimately decided on the long takes. I think this filming technique was just really important in the feeling that the film gives the audience. There were actually quite a few of them. In my compilation I included 6 long takes. There were some more that weren’t quite as long, so I didn’t feel like I could count them, but there were quite a few instances where it amazed me it hadn’t cut yet. These 6 were the most amazing ones.

*Note: I removed my video due to a Copyright claim 🙁

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