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Call to Sanghwa

For one of my Audio Assignments I decided to do the Call Me, Beep Me assignment. This assignment involved choosing a character from a story I have read, watched, or heard during this class so far. I decided to do a call from Seong-kyeong to Sanghwa after she arrived in Busan with Su-an (Train to Busan). I know people who have dealt with loss sometimes like to call that person’s cellphone to hear their voice, so I made this going off of that. At this point she has had their baby that he named before he died – Su Yun. I added the name at the end to add a little emotion to it. I’m not a great actor, so this was really weird to do for me, but it was a lot of fun to do.

For this recording I had done my voice recording for the call (unfortunately, I don’t speak Korean, so this was in English). I also added Korean voices in the background. These voices were left purposefully loud since they are supposedly in a military base with survivors of a zombie apocalypse – I doubt it’s quiet there. I also added the sounds of a baby babbling towards the end of the call to add some more emotion to the end of the call. I figure if the deceased Sanghwa heard the call, it would have meant a lot to him to be able to hear his baby.

I chose the character Seong-kyeong to do since I related to her the most in the movie. While I am not a mother, I can relate to the feeling of wanting to protect. I can’t really relate to the feeling of helplessness she probably felt as a pregnant woman running for her life during a zombie apocalypse, but I did feel a great amount of sympathy for her. This is why I chose her character. I felt bad for her to have lost her husband that way and it was overall very sad for her. I wanted to have some sort of personal closure for her and her husband through the call.

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  1. this is another great audio assignment! The babbling baby at the end is very effective. You seem to have an affinity for audio!

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