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Broadcast from Forreston Grade School, Illinois

Forreston Grade School Broadcast:

Creating my broadcast from Forreston, Illinois, was actually quite the adventure. After getting everything downloaded and ready to go, I had to think about how I wanted my broadcast to be. I don’t know what kind of apocalypse I’m in (it seems rather war-like from other broadcasts), but I figured that either way there would be people fighting. I went with that and decided I was to be a part of a group hiding out in an elementary school where we were looking for assistance from others. We had run there when fighting had started, so there are people who are injured. I made it seem at the end that they had been found. There was also an explosion sound in the distance right before the broadcast cut off. This was meant to put an ominous end on the broadcast.

Overall for my very first audio project (ever), I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. I had fun trying to find the sounds that would work with it. In the end I had my own voice recording, the sound of gunfire and explosions, and I also added the sound of people talking in the background (it was a bit faint in the final product though). I made the voices fade completely when the first gunshots came in in order to show that the crowd was hushed in fear. I think I wasn’t quite able to show this since my audio work still isn’t fantastic and it’s hard to hear.

Audio really isn’t a medium I am familiar with. It was something that was never hit on in school for me before, so I walked into this completely blind. The Audacity tutorial in the Audio Resources page helped immensely though. I can see why audio was such an important part to this class. Hearing other radio broadcasts and the ds106radio broadcast really helped show how important audio is. You don’t absolutely need pictures to show a story. Audio is able to tell a story just as well – it even lets the audience picture things for themselves.

I think the crowd-sourced audio also emphasizes this with the post-apocalyptic story line. With how the world will most likely be after an apocalypse – with very limited technology – a radio broadcast is one of the more simpler ways of communications that can be created fairly easily in the event of an apocalypse. It allows groups to communicate with each other, and it also helps people find those who are in need. The only thing I would have changed about this story is to have made it a bit clearer on what the apocalypse had been for this story. I understand that it’s a forum for us to make up our own broadcasts about the post-apocalyptic world, but it would have been nice to know if there were diseases, radioactive places, etc. that should have been mentioned in the broadcast.

I know it sounded really simple, but I worked really hard on this broadcast and I like it. I hope you like it too!


  1. Taylor Taylor

    I enjoyed listening to your dispatch! The sound effects helped add to it! And just a tip…you can always link the URL so it’s easier to get to your dispatch, but regardless you did a great job!

    • Anne Armour Anne Armour

      Thank you for leaving a comment Taylor! I appreciate you letting me know the link to my broadcast wasn’t there. I thought I had put it in, but then realized I hadn’t actually linked it. Thank you for letting me know, and I’m glad you liked my broadcast!

  2. for you first audio project ever, this is great! You did a nice job layering sounds without overwhelming the main point– your voice. I agree, I’d love to know a bit of backstory. But overall, good job!

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