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Alternate Book Cover Pt 2

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So I decided to make a gif version of the Alternate Book Cover assignment given to us. I actually found this one to be kinda hard to do since I had to find a way to make a video into a gif. I really wanted to use the androgynous look the Unnamed Midwife took for the majority of the book. I ended up using this scene from the film Mad Max with Charlize Theron.

For the majority of the book, the Unnamed Midwife was on her own (either leaving or being left), so I felt this scene really fit that theme. Even though it’s not shown here, this is also an important scene with the “wives”. Mad Max and The Book of the Unnamed Midwife had some similarities that I found rather interesting.

I know this isn’t my best work, but I did try my best with this.

I found the scene on YouTube, and then downloaded it with the 4K Video Downloader. From there I worked on cutting the scene using Movie Maker, which is the worst 🙁 . From there I had to save it as a video and then search for a converter online. I used ezgif to convert it, and then I used Imgur to give it a link so that I can insert it into this blog post.


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